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We Rent Bikes.

All Your Cycling Needs Covered!

See our cycling helmets! Bring your bicycle into us for upgrades and repairs!
Feel the difference on a new road bicycle! See our selection of mountain bikes! See our commuter bicycles! The right cycling accessories make every ride better!

We've Got Look Bicycles!

Look bicycles are fast and beautiful!
From LeMond and Hinault to Boardman, Jalabert and Hushovd, few brands can boast a list of star athletes as illustrious as Look's. Their innovative bicycles have fueled the dreams and ambitions of champions for decades. Swing by the shop today, grab a Look and prepare for cycling stardom!

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Cycling Glossary - Word of the Day

Slang for a dangerous cyclist; a rider who doesn't ride a straight line, doesn't point out obstacles and does just about everything wrong. It's a good idea to educate or steer clear of squirrels on group rides because they often cause crashes.
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